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Who is responsiv

Responsiv Solutions Limited was founded with a desire to “do the right thing” and redefine what it means to buy a business software solution.

The technology in our hands is simple to install and simple to use. We wield its power to affect our lives and influence around the world. Responsiv want to re-ignite an interest and expertise in basic technology and good solution design.

Responsiv work as a team to empower business with Solutions that are Simple, Effective, and Distinctive.

Our founders remember how innovative and fun it was building software in the 1980s, solving problems for the first time. We want to create a business that competes successfully and delivers value to our customers, all while being a fabulous place to work and play.

Today we have more choice, more complexity, and more opportunity than ever before. Companies need help navigating the options and then help focusing on delivering solutions. It is all too easy to be distracted by an even better way.

Responsiv develops software and solutions that assemble existing products and new functionality to efficiently deliver state of the art solutions to specific problems. The resulting enterprise platform can deliver distinctive advantages to companies with the vision to consider IT as a strategic advantage.

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Responsiv Founders

richard 1

Richard Whyte

Chief Executive Officer

Heather brightened face

Heather Hathaway

Operations Director

Malcolm Web Picture

Malcolm Warwick

Chief Technical Officer 

henry 1

Henry Cressey

Chief Operations Officer 

Responsiv was founded in 2015 like all good companies – in a garage.

Starting with a product portfolio of consulting services for Integration Architecture and IBM middleware (ACE, MQ, BAW), Responsiv has grown significantly in recent years.

Development of our support services through Responsiv Assist as well as our self-hosted Responsiv Unity platform and the managed service option of the Responsiv Cloud platforms we have broadened the way we help our customers.

Whilst the company has grown over the years, we still live by the ethos we started with; simple, effective, distinctive.